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The Science Style Subscription Box Blowout!

You may have seen that we stopped promoting our Sci Chic subscription boxes. That's because after a successful 2017, we decided to put it aside to work on some new projects. Thanks to all of you for your support!  But we still have a few boxes and items left over. That means we are having a subscription box blowout! It will help support us in launching some new projects, collaborations and science jewelry designs. This is your chance to pick up any boxes or items you wish you had gotten last year (or get another one ;) ). Don't miss this chance to get some GREAT deals on some science style! From marine biology to engineering style, its all on sale....

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Growing from STEM Jewelry to STEM Fashion Subscription Boxes

Passing the one year mark as an entrepreneur is a big milestone, but also makes you do some reflecting. I started my company Sci Chic back in October 2015 during my 4th year as a mechanical engineering student at the University of Florida. Inspired by my experiences at outreach events, my goal with founding Sci Chic was creating a tangible connection to STEM topics, sparking everyday conversations about science, and encouraging young girls in science and engineering. Over the past year we have done this by creating science and engineering inspired jewelry using 3D printing and pairing it with educational materials. However, at this one year mark I was inspired to take what we are doing to the next level...

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